Boat Lift Installation in Fairhope, AL

Dock and Decks can install your boat lift in Fairhope, Alabama, or other areas of the Baldwin County Eastern Shore.  For a fully customized boat lift installation– or for assistance with other types of marine construction projects– you can trust the Alabama Gulf Coast’s local boat lift experts for professional results every time.  Dock and Decks has over 30 years of construction experience, with special expertise in boat lift construction.  Call Dock and Decks if you’re interested in having your new boat lift professionally installed!

Professional Custom Boat Lift Installation​ in Fairhope, AL

Having your own dock space for your boat makes such a difference in your life as a boat-owner!  It’s so much faster and easier to just hop in the boat and go, when it’s already at the dock.  That ease and convenience makes getting out on the water simple, which means you’re more likely to go boating on a regular basis.  What could go wrong?  Unfortunately, if you’re in the habit of leaving your boat tied up at dock, floating in the water for weeks (or even months), you’re running a risk with your valuable asset.  

Custom boat lifts installer

Leaving Your Boat in the Water is Risky.

Storms, Wind, & Waves

On the Gulf Coast– even in the relatively sheltered waters of Mobile Bay– storms can pop up with no warning at all.  Wind and waves from unexpected thunderstorms can inflict costly damage to your boat, causing it to bump or scrape against the dock or other boats.  

Scum, Algae, & Corrosion

Even the water itself can be an enemy to your boat.  Prolonged exposure to water can lead to algae, scum, and corrosion, leaving your beautiful boat filthy, permanently stained, or otherwise damaged.  Sometimes the result is “just” wasted hours of tedious cleaning; other times you’re faced with corrosion that requires more painful and expensive repairs.

Bilge Pump Disasters

It’s never a good idea to rely too heavily on your bilge pump.  If your bilge pump fails while your boat is tied up at dock, unsupervised, you may return to discover serious damage or– worst case scenario– a sunken boat!  It’s simply not worth the risk.

Boat Lift Installation

Protect Your Investment with a Boat Lift

A boat lift installed at your dock in the Fairhope area is an ideal way to protect your cherished boat.  You’ve invested a lot in both time and money in your boat, so it’s well worth making sure it’s as safe as possible.  With a boat lift at your dock, you’ll continue to enjoy the convenience of easy access to your boat.  The difference is that at the end of a day of boating, you’ll be able to lift the boat out of the water, where it can be securely stored above water level until you need it again.  A boat lift equipped with a motorized lift safely and easily raises and lowers your boat at your will, making it simple to get your boat back in or out of the water, as needed.  It’s a wonderful upgrade for your dock– one that will help keep your boat in top condition for years to come!

Custom Boat Lifts Installed in Fairhope, Alabama

The boat lift installation experts at Dock and Decks can help take the confusion and uncertainty out of the boat lift shopping experience.  We can simplify the selection process, guiding you to the best answer for your unique situation.  With our years of experience, we know the key questions to ask in order to identify a boat lift that fits your specific needs.  We’ll help you take your boat, your dock, and your budget into consideration, then we’ll suggest a boat lift that will work for you.

While the thought of a DIY boat lift installation can be tempting, it’s not a good idea.  It’s simply too easy to make a small mistake– and with boat lifts, even minor installation errors or inaccuracies can turn into costly headaches.  If your DIY boat lift installation doesn’t function perfectly, you may end up with expensive repair bills for your boat.  It’s also important to remember that damage caused by improper DIY installation most likely isn’t covered by your boat lift manufacturer’s warranty– another unpleasant surprise you might not discover until it’s too late.  

An experienced boat lift installer knows how to properly, safely install your new boat lift.  You’ll rest assured that your boat lift won’t damage your prized possession– you’ll know that it is perfectly safe to use– and you’ll have a 5-10 year warranty for the proper functioning of the boat lift.  Save yourself the headache and hire a professional who will get the job done correctly and effectively, leaving you free to enjoy more time on the water!

Fully Customizable Boat Lifts for the Fairhope Area

The experienced Dock and Decks marine construction team can customize your boat lift and dock to your precise specifications.  If you’re having a boat lift added to your dock, now is an excellent time to make other upgrades and improvements.  

Is there anything you’ve always wished your dock or deck had?  Something that would take it to the next level and make it perfect for your lifestyle?  

Our partners at Dock and Deck Supply stock high-quality, American-made boat lifts– but they also have an impressive inventory includes jet ski lifts, PWC lifts, kayak lifts, and paddleboat lifts.  We can easily install any of these to your dock, to accommodate your other watersporting pursuits.  Whatever update your have in mind for your dock, we can make it happen!  Just give us a call to get started!

Custom boat lift
Kayak Lift

Chain-Driven and Direct-Drive Boat Lifts on the Baldwin County Eastern Shore

We install two types of boat lifts– direct drive boat lifts and chain drive boat lifts:

Direct-Drive Boat Lifts

  • quieter
  • almost entirely maintenance-free
  • more costly

Chain-Drive Boat Lifts

  • efficient and rugged
  • up to the challenges of marine applications
  • budget-friendly

If you’re not sure which is right for you, we can discuss the pros and cons in greater depth, so you can be sure you’re making an informed decision. 

To discuss your upcoming boat lift project, please give us a call or contact us online!