Boat Lift Installation in Orange Beach, AL

Do you need a boat lift installed in Orange Beach, Alabama?  Docks and Decks is your local expert in custom boat lift installation.  We specialize in marine construction on the Alabama Gulf Coast, with over thirty years of construction experience.  If you want a professionally installed boat lift for your Orange Beach area dock– quality workmanship, done right the first time– give Dock and Decks a call!  We can help you select and install a boat lift that’s perfectly suited to your docking situation and the size of your boat.    

Protect Your Boat with a Professionally-Installed Boat Lift​ in Orange Beach

There’s nothing to compare to the convenience of having your own dock space.  The easier it is to access your boat and get out on the water, the more likely you are to use it regularly.  However, if you’re been in the habit of leaving your boat in the water, tied up at dock, you’re risking the safety of your boat.  Stormy weather and waves can cause your boat to crash into the dock or another boat, inflicting costly damage.  If your bilge pump fails, you may return to find that your boat has sunk!  Even setting aside catastrophic events like those, sitting in the water for week after week is tough on your boat, eventually resulting in algae or corrosion.  What’s the answer?  A boat lift!

A professionally-installed boat lift gives you an ideal combination of ease of access and protection for your valuable investment.  You can continue to have your boat conveniently available at your Orange Beach dock, but when it’s not in active use, the boat lift keeps it high and dry, safe from waves and water damage.  Raise and lower the boat with the flick of a switch!  

Custom boat lifts installer
Boat Lift Installation

The professional custom boat lift installers at Dock and Decks have the experience and expertise to help you select the boat lift that will best meet your needs.  DIY boat lift installations can result in damage to your boat.  Even slight inaccuracies and minor installation errors can end in a headache and repair bills, but with an expert on the job, you’ll avoid those problems.  Enjoy the peace of mind that only comes with a professional installation!  

American-Made Boat Lifts for Orange Beach, Alabama

Dock and Decks can install a boat lift proportioned and powered to handle your boat, whatever its type or size.  We partner with Dock and Deck Supply, who carry a full inventory of boat lifts capable of lifting boats anywhere from 7,000 pounds to 40,000 pounds.  

While you’re having your boat lift installed, why not take a moment to consider your other watercraft?  We also install convenient lifts for your other water sporting hobbies– PWC lifts, jet ski lifts, and kayak lifts.  Now is the perfect time to fully customize your Orange Beach dock!

At Dock and Decks, we install top-quality boat lifts.  We use reliable products from recognized lift manufacturers, such as Synergy and IMM Quality Boat Lifts.  These respected companies have been producing dependable, low-maintenance boat lifts for decades.  We’re proud to support American manufacturers, and our clients appreciate that we use quality equipment made in the USA.

Chain-Driven & Direct-Drive Boat Lifts in Orange Beach, AL

We install two types of boat lifts at Dock and Decks– direct-drive boat lifts and chain-driven boat lifts.  A direct-drive boat lift tends to be quieter, more reliable, and virtually maintenance-free, compared to chain-driven boat lifts.  However, they also cost more than a boat lift with a chain drive.  Chain drives, on the other hand, are efficient and rugged, able to stand up to the heavy abuse of a marine boat lift application.  If you’re not certain which type is right for you, we can help you compare them and offer advice based on your unique situation.  Regardless of the type of drive you select, Dock and Decks can give you a free quote for any size of boat lift, from 7.5K to custom-sized 54K.  

Trust Dock and Decks for experienced, knowledgeable service.  We’re ready to get started on your up-coming marine construction project!  If you’re considering having a boat lift installed in Orange Beach, Alabama– or elsewhere in coastal Baldwin County–  please give us a call or contact us online!