Boat Lift Installation in Perdido, AL

Looking for boat lift installers in Perdido, Alabama?  Dock and Decks is the Alabama Gulf Coast’s trusted expert for custom boat lift installation and other marine construction.  With over thirty years of experience in construction, we are well-prepared to handle any job.  We’re committed to getting things done the right way, the first time.  For a professionally installed boat lift in South Baldwin County, call Dock and Decks!  

Professional Boat Lift Installation​ in Perdido, AL

You probably love the convenience of having your own dock space– and why wouldn’t you?  The ease of access to your boat is a game-changer.  Being able to just hop right in your boat and go is amazing, and it means you’re much more likely to use and enjoy your boat on a regular basis.  There is a downside, though.  Leaving your boat in the water, tied up at dock, is risky. 

Threats to Boats Left in the Water:

  • Storms and Waves
    Bad weather can pop up unexpectedly, knocking your boat around or sending it crashing into the dock or even another boat.
  • Bilge Pump Failure
    A failed bilge pump can be a nightmare scenario.  Imagine returning to your dock, only to discover that your precious boat has sunk!  
  • Algae and Corrosion
    Eventually, even the water itself will create problems for you.  Algae growth and corrosion may not sound as dramatic as a storm or crashing waves, but they can both cause costly damage.
Boat Lift Installation
Custom boat lifts installer

To avoid these types of problems and better protect your boat, you can install a boat lift at your Perdido-area dock.  Enjoy the ease and convenience of keeping your boat at your dock without sacrificing the safety and security of storing your boat out of water.  Your boat is a valuable investment that should last for many years, if treated well.  A boat lift helps you do just that.  Keep your boat high and dry when it’s not in active use.  Easily raise and lower the boat with a handy motorized lift.  There’s no better, more convenient way to keep your boat both secure and quickly accessible.

Why Have a Boat Lift Professionally Installed?

Choosing the right boat lift can be confusing, but the professionals at Dock and Decks can use their years of experience and valuable boat lift expertise to help you select a boat lift that will meet all your needs– just the right one for your specific boat, your dock’s specifications, and your budget.  With DIY boat lift installations, it’s easy to get something just a little bit off or wrong.  “A little bit” may not sound like enough to cause a problem, but even a slight inaccuracy or minor installation mistake can result in costly damage to your boat.  

Headaches and boat repairs are exactly what you’re trying to avoid by installing a boat lift!  Why risk it?  With a professional boat lift installer on the job, you can rest assured that everything is done correctly the first time– and professional installation ensures full warranty coverage.  In the unlikely event that something does go wrong during installation, your installers will cover the damage and make things right.  

Dock and Decks’ professional boat lift installers also have the construction experience and expertise to customize your boat lift or dock.  There are many factors to consider when installing a boat lift– such as the depth of the water, waves, storms, and underwater illumination.  It can get complicated, if you don’t know exactly what you’re doing.  Your boat lift is an expensive piece of equipment that can be damaged if it’s not correctly installed.  It’s much better to hire an expert who’s seen it all than try to figure it out yourself through trial and error.  

American-Made Boat Lifts Installed in South Baldwin County, AL

At Dock and Decks, we can provide you with a boat lift tailored perfectly for your needs.  Our partners at Dock and Deck Supply carry an inventory of boat lifts suitable for boats of anywhere from 7,000 to 40,000 pounds.  We also install PWC lifts / jet ski lifts and kayak or paddleboat lifts, if you want to take this opportunity to fully customize your South Baldwin dock.  

We install only high-quality boat lifts from respected lift manufacturers like Synergy and IMM Quality Boat Lifts.  Dock and Decks is proud to support other American companies, and our clients appreciate the high standard of quality you find in products made in the USA.  

Chain-Driven and Direct-Drive Boat Lifts in Perdido, Alabama

We install two types of boat lifts– direct-drive boat lifts and chain-driven boat lifts.  Direct-drive lifts are quieter and nearly maintenance-free.  However, a direct-drive boat lift does cost more than a chain drive.  If you’re working on a tighter budget, chain-driven boat lifts are a good choice.  A chain-drive is rugged and efficient, well-suited to the challenging abuse of a marine boat lift application.  We’re happy to help you weigh the pros and cons, if you’re not sure which one is right for your situation.  

If you’re interested in having Dock and Decks install your new boat lift in the Perdido area, please give us a call or contact us online!