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At Dock and Decks we not only install custom boat lifts but have full inventory with our supply partner, Dock and Decks Supply, to sell boat lifts, boat lift motors, boat lift parts to contractors and homeowners.

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We understand the importance in picking the right lift for your investment. Whether you need a 7,000 pound-40,000 pound boat lift, personal watercraft lift, kayak lift or service to your existing boat lift we offer it all.

There are many options when choosing a lift. At Dock and Deck Supply they partner with only the top lift manufacturers, such as Synergy and IMM Quality Boat Lifts.  These respected manufacturers offer over 30 years’ experience and low-maintenance boat lifts that are MADE IN THE USA.


We offer two different options in boat lifts: superbly engineered chain-driven boat lift or a maintenance-free direct drive. We can quote you any size ranging from 7.5K to custom size of 54K.

Chain drives are the transmission of choice for heavy machinery in industrial, farming, military and marine applications because of the shock-load ruggedness, efficiency, safety and proven battle-tested dependability. This positive drive system does not suffer from belt slippage seen with flat plate drives because each link makes a drive contact on the sprocket, spreading the load over many teeth. Chains are simply the best drive choice for the money given the extreme abuse of the marine boat lift application.

The direct drive is an aluminum double worm transmission for a maintenance-free direct drive-to-shaft connection. A superbly engineered gear-driven boat lift, the exceeds the industry standard.


The PWC 1,500 swivel lift rotates 180 degrees over your dock or seawall for storage and is an ideal product for a single jet ski.

Our PWC 3,000 lift can handle everything from jet skis and small jet boats to small skiffs.

The 4,500 Dual PWC lift is a traditional elevator lift fitted with dual bunking and guide system to mount a pair of jet skis. This lift includes an 8 foot long walk plank for easy access to either PWC.


We carry the easiest load and launch of any PWC docking platform on the market. The exclusive bow bumper slows your watercrafts forward motion and provides a soft rest for the keel. The anti-slip walking surface provides the safest access to your craft.


You want to glide on the water, enjoy the waves, breathe in the fresh air, and make little discoveries as you explore in your kayak. But getting in your kayak is another story. Your dock is too high to safely launch. Everything wobbles. Using your ladder to launch would be very awkward.

Are these issues stopping you from using your kayak as much as you normally would without any aggravation?

The Kayak Launch offers a simple solution that will have you on the water in no time — and takes up little space!

The welded aluminum launch is stable. It has a brake winch and grab rails to make for smooth boarding and exiting — whether you are a novice or expert.

The bunks adjust for varying kayak widths so it’s as though the launch was custom built for you!


At Dock and Deck Supply we carry a variety of boat lift parts, boat lift motors including:

1 HP motors

¾ HP motors


Boat Lift Cable including crimps and thimbles

V-Haul Cradles

Tri-toon cradles

GEM remotes

GEM parts

Limit Switches

Hoists, Winches and drives

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