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At Dock and Decks, we understand the importance of picking the right lift for your investment.  Whether you need a 7,000-pound to 40,000-pound boat lift, personal watercraft lift, kayak lift or service to your existing boat lift, we offer it all.

There are many options when choosing a lift, and Dock and Decks can help you make the best choice for you and your boat.  We value quality, and reliability, so we’ve partnered with only the top lift manufacturers, such as Synergy.  They offer over 30 years’ experience creating low-maintenance boat lifts that are MADE IN THE USA.

What makes Synergy Boat Lifts different?

One of the key elements in Synergy Boat Lifts– something that makes them the most trouble-free and long-lasting boat lifts on the market today– is their extremely durable all-aluminum bolted frame.  Synergy uses as few welds as possible, using bolts instead wherever they can.  This construction method ensures a stronger frame than one that relies too heavily on welds.  Synergy also makes a more efficient, longer-lasting boat lift by using a toggled cable pulley system, eliminating cable twists and reducing wear and tear on the cables.   

From design to engineering to manufacturing, Synergy’s emphasis on quality and durability translates into a superior boat lift that will last the lifetime of your boat.  

  • Synergy’s all-aluminum, bolted-frame boat lifts have 40% more structural strength than more conventional, welded-frame boat lifts.
  • Synergy’s toggled pulley system runs horizontal to the cable shaft, which decreases wear and tear to both cables and pulleys.
  • Synergy’s service-free, low-maintenance top bushings eliminate the need for greasing.
  • Synergy’s cradle end is the strongest available, built to outlast any other boat lift in the industry.

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