What’s The Purpose of Marine Contractors in Gulf Shores?

marine contractors at gulf shores

What’s The Purpose of Marine Contractors in Gulf Shores?

Before shifting to coastal areas or buying a waterfront property, you need to contact a marine contractor. Having a property near water, Gulf Shores, requires additional precautions that are necessary for protecting your property from saltwater and storm surges.

Many of the marine contractors in Gulf Shores provide a hassle-free solution by constructing the required structure along the water. Marine construction includes seawalls, docks, boat lifts, piers, Sure Step installers, and more.

What is the purpose of marine contractors in Gulf Shores.

Purpose of Marine Contractor in Gulf Shores

Marine contractors design and build along the coastal areas. They have the skills and equipment required to design and build the pier, dock or seawall of your dreams. Most people who live near water or have a business on water need marine contractor.

Here’s what Marine Contractors do.

1.      Dock Builder

A Marine Contractor needs a special skillset- not to mention they are in a different working condition utilizing very specific tools than an ordinary contractor may not have. Docks are one of the most common marine structures, as almost every waterfront has a dock for tying boats. There are two basic types of docks:

  • Floating Docks

Floating docks are built on water surfaces and move up down along with the water flow. These docks can be easy to build and cost-effective way of building a dock or pier. Most common in lakes and rarely seen on coastal waterways.

  • Stationary Docks

Stationary docks need more effort in construction as it takes a skilled installer with the right equipment to install a 30-40′ piling 10-15′ deep in the silt. Docks can be designed to fit any clients needs with the addition of a boat lift or swim deck; just to name a few. Most importantly framing the main structure to support the wood decking or the Sure Step “through flow” decking.

2.      Build Retainer Walls/Sea Walls

Retainer walls are another helpful solution that is provided by the marine constructors in Gulf Shores. With storm surges comes erosion. Sea Walls are built to prevent such disastrous situations using vinyl panels and/or rip rap. Installing a sea wall with the proper tie backs can keep your properly line maintained for many years to come.

Moreover, these sea walls are constructed to minimize the impact of high tides and save the property from continuous water force.

3.      Custom Boat Lifts

Boat lifts are here to provide you ease in maintenance, launching, and docking of a boat. This also allows you to spend more time on the boat and less doing other maintenance and parking chores.

Marine contractors in Gulf Shores construct custom boat lifts according to your need. There are multiple types of boat lifts and brands of lifts. Having the expertise to guide you in picking the right one for your boat is very important. These lifts protect your boat from water absorption and water level fluctuation.

4.      Sure Step Decking

Sure step is another material used in marine structures. With storm surges comes waves- with Sure Step it is designed to withstand storm surges with its chevron design minimizing wave and wind force. Designed with 100% polypropylene material it has higher impact testing than its competitor also barefoot friendly with zero maintenance! Choosing the right material to install on your next pier, dock or deck is just as important as choosing the right contractor.

5.      Repair Services

Along with building multiple seaside structures, marine contractors in Gulf Shores provide maintenance and repair services. Every structure needs a proper look after, and marine structures are built on or in the salt water, which can easily affect the structure if not appropriately maintained.

In a Nutshell…

Marine contractors provide appropriate solutions and build high-end marine structures for businesses and individuals living near the coast. When you decide that its time to install that new boat lift or seawall then a marine contractors in Gulf Shores is waiting to help you with your custom-designed durable marine structures.

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